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iPhone 3G. What we’ve all been waiting for? Yup.

Leading up to Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ keynote yesterday morning at Apple’s annual WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), the entire Apple community (and a large part of the tech community) had been buzzing and salivating over the possibility of a 3G iPhone being released by Apple. When Steve Jobs unveiled iPhone 3G yesterday, it was clear that Apple has been listening to its current and future customers. They didn’t cram every feature we’ve been asking for in the new iPhone, but the move to 3G network support, coinciding with the price-points Apple (and the cell carriers) will offer the iPhone at, make yesterdays announcements absolutely massive. We won’t feel the effects of true Apple Global Domination until iPhone 3G is released July 11th, and has been available around the world for at least a few weeks.

One thing Apple (especially Steve Jobs) has been known to stay away from is compromise. Control over the products, software, hardware and pretty much everything Apple offers, is willingly locked shut and closed to outside companies or developers. Microsoft and Google tend to open themselves up a bit which has allowed for tremendous market share growth. Apple could definitely take a little bit of direction from Google when it comes to increasing your market share, and with the release of the iPhone SDK and now the new worldwide iPhone 3G, it seems as if they are listening. Up until yesterdays announcements Apple would gladly lose market share, so long as they could control the entire eco-system within which a product thrives.

The new features that iPhone 3G offers are simple, predictable and expected. At the same time, they are so completely necessary that without yesterdays unveiling of this specific iPhone, the device would always remain a high-luxury, niche item. What Apple did yesterday was lay the groundwork for them to bring iPhone 3G to the masses. This move has generated tremendous welcomed reactions by cellular-network carriers worldwide, as well as traders and investors focusing on Apple’s stock. By making iPhone 3G available worldwide, allowing third-party developers to create applications for the device, and opening it up from the locked eco-system Apple is used to, they are clearly making a loud statement. Apple no longer wants to be the uber-exclusive technology company that we have grown to love, at least not with the iPhone. They want this device widespread around the world, and they want to make it as affordable as possible.

Apple’s stock price is currently hovering in the $180’s, with Citigroup raising their target to $287 and Lehman raising it to $234.

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