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Mobile Me & GMail. Will Google Save the Day?

Mobile Me Gmail

Apple has been claiming that they can replicate the richness of desktop applications (on your computer) with cloud applications (on the internet) through the use of powerful high-technology web development languages such as AJAX. With the much anticipated launch of Mobile Me scheduled for tomorrow July 9th, between 6pm-12am, Apple is putting its money where its mouth is. But there seem to be a few options missing from Mobile Me. One option in particular that is completely stopping me from fully taking the dive is the inability to sync with Gmail.

Simply put, you will not be able to replace your email address with anything else. For those of you already setup and running a email address, the migration should be fairly simple. Yes, there are features in both Mobile Me and Gmail that will allow you to forward and retrieve emails in and out of separate email addresses with services like POP. But for the rest of us, it seems we’ll have to wait for Google to release an application on their end and save the day (in typical Google fashion). Forwarding email around through another email address/server, simply to use Apple’s shiny new web applications seems a bit redundant. In a world of simplification, this would only make things more complicated.

At this point, Gmail users can definitely sign up for Mobile Me and use all of the new Push features that Apple is offering such as Push Calendar and Push Contacts. But when it comes to syncing your digital life in one place and being able to effortlessly manage your information, Mobile Me might be a hindrance more than it helps.

Google is expected to release a highly competitive answer to Apple’s Mobile Me, or develop an application that will tightly integrate the two services. While it may seem in Google’s best interest to develop a rival service, the two companies have a wildly successful partnership, with Google CEO Eric Schmidt sitting on Apple’s board. Apple uses Google Maps everywhere it can, including Mobile Me and the much beloved iPhone.

Although Apple’s .Mac (dot-mac) service has floundered around hopelessly in the past (downtime, expensive, slow, unpredictable), they seem to be on the right track in turning it around. By using technologies such as AJAX and open standards development, Apple is securing its stance on attempting to replicate desktop computing in the cloud.

Let’s hope they call Google and help us Gmail users get what we want… Simplicity.

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One Comment to “Mobile Me & GMail. Will Google Save the Day?”

Timothy Tripp @ November 17th, 2008 at 8:26 am
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MobileMe just doesn’t work well with Outlook 2007 on PC. I need something that will sync my Outlook 2007 contacts on my home PC with my iPhone contacts, and with my MacBook Pro’s Address Book (built-in). It’s a shame because if it worked it would be exactly what I need, it just doesn’t work. Updates from the PC to MobileMe don’t happen, and after spending two hours with MobileMe tech support they weren’t able to get it to work either. They were supposed to get back with me but never did. Overall it’s just not ready for prime-time yet.