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Steve Jobs Reassures Associates that he is in Great Health

The New York Times is reporting that Rumors of Apple CEO Steven P. Jobs’s ill health have been greatly exaggerated.

“That is what Mr. Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, has been telling a number of his associates, even as concerns about his health have weighed on the company’s stock price.”

“The latest flurry of talk was set off on Monday when, in a conference call after the release of Apple’s earnings, a company executive responded to a question about Mr. Jobs’s condition by saying that it was a private matter. But in recent weeks, Mr. Jobs has reassured several people that he is doing well and that four years after a successful operation to treat a rare form of pancreatic cancer, he is cancer free.”

“People who are close to Mr. Jobs say that he had a surgical procedure this year to address a problem that was contributing to a loss of weight. These people declined to be identified because Mr. Jobs had not authorized them to speak about his health.”

“On stage to unveil the iPhone 3G last month, Mr. Jobs’s gaunt appearance led to speculation that his cancer had returned. An Apple spokesman has said that in the weeks before the event Mr. Jobs picked up a common bug and was taking a course of antibiotics. An Apple spokeswoman declined further comment on Tuesday.”

“Mr. Jobs ran a high fever for the week preceding his presentation, according to an industry executive he spoke with. He considered canceling his appearance because he was still feeling ill, but did not want to skip a long-scheduled event, that person said.”

“Mr. Jobs has told several associates, as well as some members of Apple’s board, that he is dealing with nutritional problems in the wake of his cancer surgery. Medical descriptions of the surgery state that in some cases it leads to weight loss and low energy.”

“Apple is, of course, not only private about Mr. Jobs’s personal life, but about virtually every aspect of its business. The public image of the company is carefully orchestrated around high-profile product introductions by Mr. Jobs. And the extraordinary degree to which Apple’s recovery and continued success is associated with Mr. Jobs has made it unique in the eyes of shareholders.”

“The company has said that it has formulated a succession strategy in case Mr. Jobs left the company, but that it was confidential.”

“Mr. Jobs, who is keeping his own counsel on the succession issue, is on vacation this week and did not return phone calls.”

Full article here.

Additional thoughts: Can we get a look at the succession plan?

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2 Comments to “Steve Jobs Reassures Associates that he is in Great Health”

Stephen Kopchik @ July 23rd, 2008 at 10:38 am
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The major problem here is……… When Mr Jobs left the first time, the company tanked.
I think EVERYONE thinks that if he leaves again, for what ever reason, the company “AGAIN” will tank.

It is the only stock that DROPS HARDCORE, even though, EVERY QUARTERLY, the company has a HUGE PROFIT.

Honestly, no matter how well the company does, the stock will never reach its potential because the world can not see Apple without Steve Jobs at the helm. Its a cold hard fact. Even though there are alot of creative and wicked smart people working at Apple, what the WORLD sees is that Steve Jobs is Apple (PERIOD)

My question is……. how will Apple convince people that Apple will continue to set “the trend/innovation” for years to come after Mr Jobs leaves?

For some reason, people CAN NOT get passed it.


Gary @ July 23rd, 2008 at 10:50 am
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I think they need to publicly announce and a succession plan and then make it work for them. I mean, I for one, get nervous when I here about Steve leaving, or being gone.

But, he’s so young !!! What’s to say he doesn’t have a solid 10 years left ?