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[video] Apple “Unslow” iPhone Commercial; Video Comparison to Real World 3G Speeds

Apple’s “Unslow” iPhone 3G commercial shows the iPhone running on 3G networks at seemingly ultrasonic speeds. No iPhone user I know has ever seen or experienced these speeds while on any 3G network. Some will say they’ve never seen the device running this fast on a speedy wi-fi network.

While digging around on YouTube, I found an interesting comparison between Apple’s “unslow” commercial and the “Real-World” speed at which the current iPhone 3G runs on AT&T’s 3G network.

Below is the Apple commercial “Unslow”

“As much as I respect Apple, Unslow, one of their new iPhone 3G television ads, has me wondering how they kept a straight face when they put this on the air,” Jason Ken from 37signals adds.

Below is the comparison between real world iPhone 3G speeds and Apple’s commercial

I’ll admit, when I first saw this commercial, I was left rather confused. I remember turning to a couple of people and saying…”Wait, did you guys see that? Does your iPhone run like that?” and laughing it off. But I’ve seen it many times since then, and I really must wonder. Has Apple emphasized the speediness of the iPhone 3G in order to mask the many issues they’ve had with its performance in the past 4 weeks?

“Unslow is about selling speed. Speed that isn’t for sale at any price. It sets the wrong expectations. It leads to a disconnect between the iPhone in the guy’s hand on TV and the iPhone in your hand. When they don’t deliver what they demonstrate people end up disappointed,” 37signals proclaims.

The bottom line is that Apple has always been very straight forward with marketing. There marketing is broken into three sectors, iPod+iTunes, iPhone and the Mac. We aren’t seeing this kind of “bait-and-switch” for the iPod, iTunes or the Mac, so why are we seeing it for the iPhone?

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