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Coming Soon: iPhone 3G Software Update to Help You Get Over the One Bar Blues

Apple is reportedly working on a software update for the iPhone 3G that will address major global concerns regarding poor 3G network reception.

one bar blues

In a recent post, we reported that the cause of the seemingly widespread reception issues, was simply a failing Infineon 3G chipset.

Whatever the case may be, many users are sick of singing the One Bar Blues. Especially on a brand new much hyped device, and cellular network.

“Apple, which has refused to acknowledge there is a problem with the iPhone’s performance, declined to comment for this story. AT&T issued a statement saying, “Overall, the new iPhone is performing just great on our 3G network,” Peter Burrows reports for BusinessWeek.

“Whatever the cause, connection problems are a big disappointment for customers who bought the iPhone 3G precisely because of its promise of more reliable Net access. Apple’s home page still advertises the device with the tagline “Twice as Fast. Half the Price.” Now reports suggest that Apple customer service reps are telling consumers who are encountering problems to shut off the 3G feature. “I’m so sick of hearing people say ‘turn off 3G,’” laments an iPhone 3G owner identified as jazzwill, whose remarks are among 926 replies to a post on Apple’s Web site entitled “iPhone 3G Reception Problems? You’re Not Alone.” “Uh, why pay an extra $10 [for AT&T's iPhone plan] and get a new phone that is advertised to ‘just work’ then???…. I returned my iPhone 3G because the iPhone 3G stinks in my opinion. I went back to my original iPhone,” via BusinessWeek.

Additional thoughts: I live in Portland, OR. AT&T’s 3G network is just as present here as it is anywhere on the East Coast. I have to turn off 3G to use the phone in pretty much 80% of the city. I have been in locations where simply swapping out my Sim-card from the iPhone 3G (where I was getting zero bars) to my first gen iPhone (where I get 5 bars and full reception).

I definitely think it’s a hardware issue more than a software issue. Apple may be able to release a software update for the iPhone 3G, but chances are it will only butter users up for a little while. If the Infineon chipset is the true culprit here, we’re going to need to see a recall, replacement plan or a major announcement from Apple explaining the situation.

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