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[Video] Offers Up System Wide iPhone Copy-and-Paste is offering up system wide copy-and-paste for iPhone developers that will allow them to implement the functionality within their applications. This functionality has been long demanded by the community, with Apple brushing it off as a “low-priority.”

Copy-and-paste has been a long time missing feature from Apple’s iPhone. MagicPad was an application developed by Proximi Inc, which allowed iPhone users to utilize copy-and-paste functionality. Downside? You could only use it within their application. So, you couldn’t copy something from the mail app and insert it into notes (for example).

The only way true copy-and-paste functionality will successfully work on the iPhone is if it’s system wide. Meaning that Apple will develop it into every future release of the iPhone, as well as let developers utilize it in the SDK. This way, common, universal functionality and user experiences are the same across all applications. Much in the same way all apps currently use the same keyboard.

It has been reported that copy-and-paste is simply low on Apple’s priority list, but the reason for the delay of this necessary functionality could be far more complicated.

A non-profit, open source, community project called OpenClip has been founded by Zac White, a student developer. OpenClip is offering a free copy-and-paste framework for iPhone developers that will add (the ability to implement) copy-and-paste functionality to their applications. As mentioned above, this would allow users to copy and paste data between different applications.

Below is a demonstration of OpenClip using the applications: Twittelator, Wordpress and MagicPad.

We support Zac and OpenClip with all research and further development of copy-and-paste for the iPhone. As long as Apple avoids this functionality, we hope OpenClip can get as many apps on board for this to truly resonate.

Until then, we can only hope to see Apple release a mighty software update, with copy-and-paste out of the box.

Hit up for more information. [via MacRumors]

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