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Feature: Adobe Creative Suite 4 Sneak Peak on September 23; Video: John Nack Interview

On September 23, 2008 Adobe will be offering a sneak peak of its flagship product, Creative Suite 4. Users can signup for a webcast, which will feature the new applications being used, as well as showcase new enhancements and “major improvements” to Adobe’s popular application suite.

adobe cs4
In May, Adobe made three betas available for download, DreamWeaver, Fireworks and Soundbooth. All three applications will be part of the upcoming Creative Suite 4. We reported the following.

Three new betas from Adobe have been released and made available for download including Dreamweaver (web-design software), Fireworks (web-optimization software), and Soundbooth (audio-production software). Although the next version of Photoshop (photo-editing software) has not been made available for download, enhancements such as taking advantage of hardware it hasn’t tapped before: graphics cards and physics processors, have been announced.

Adobe is completely denying any version of CS4 to be shipping in October. They don’t deny that something is cooking (in the works), but no launch date is set and furthermore, has never been released. Read full denial by Adobe’s vice president John Nack here.

Additionally, around the same time period, Adobe was denying all claims that any version of CS4 existed. Maybe they were trying to keep us guessing as much as they could before inevitably releasing a webcast to tickle us a little before the launch. Users can sign up for the webcast by visiting this website and submitting a valid email address. You can then choose what timezone suits you best for viewing the CS4 Sneak Preview on September 23rd.

As I’ve metioned before, “Having test-driven the new Adobe Dreamweaver beta myself, you can download it here, (and see some screenshots here) I have not seen ONE feature or improvement that would sway me from Panic’s Coda.” Which has recently been upgraded to version 1.5, with Subversion baked right in.

John Nack, Adobe Photoshop’s Principal Product Manager, has a personal blog in which he reveals perhaps the closest insider information available about Adobe. Alleged leaked screenshots from Adobe’s upcoming Photoshop CS4, for which no beta download was available, caused quite a stir around the community. Users were complaining about everything from the new interface being too grey, to everything being too close together. Nack responded on his personal blog, and with a video on Youtube, hoping to clear up any misconceived notions about the upcoming Photoshop release. Additionally, when various sites repeated information, and apparently completely made up a release date for CS4, John Nack responded as follows:

I’m not feeling a lot of confidence in the tech press these days. People just make up whatever they want, creating a bunch of expectations & misperceptions that people like me have to try to unravel. There’s no disincentive to doing so: the sites still get their ad impressions, and clearly bloggers and readers are all too happy to take what they read at face value.

AppleInsider continues to explain, “Adobe is planning a slew of enhancements in Flash CS4 (codenamed Diesel) that have resonated well with early testers, leading some to bill upgrade as “the best thing” to happen to Flash in quite some time. Among these will be a completely new “and proper” timeline dubbed Motion Editor, as well as a new object-based motion tween model. Other enhancements bound for Flash CS4 reportedly include an “Inverse kinematics” tool for building complex animations and 3D rotation support.”

They continue to say that “People familiar with the ongoing development of Creative Suite 4.0 say a good chunk of Adobe’s resources for the project were devoted to bringing two applications acquired from Macromedia — Dreamweaver and Fireworks — up to spec with its existing flagship offerings. However, the company is expected to tout a handful of significant enhancements to both Photoshop and Flash.”

With whatever new feature sets, panel enhancements or interface improvements we may see, I genuinely hope that Adobe’s upcoming Creative Suite 4 smells a little less like Windows, and feels a little more native to Mac OS X.

John Nack Video Interview from Frederick Vann

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