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Weekly Recap; Apple Confirms Event, iPods, More Lawsuits, Patents and Featured Articles

• Let’s Rock: Apple Confirms Special Event Tuesday, September 9th

Apple has sent out invitations, and confirmed the widely rumored Special Event that will be held at 10:00am PST on September 9th at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. READ

• Apple Patent Filing: Future of User Input

According to a recent 30 page US patent filing, Apple has been tinkering with a multi-touch system that will integrate visual and voice data into the control systems for its devices.

Pairing data from sensing adaptations with fingertip gestures could provide significantly enhanced user functionality. There is no doubt that some operations are best accomplished with senses other than touch, as the filing suggests that in certain circumstances, voice can be used to permute certain properties of an object.READ

Featured: Would You Want All Your Data in “The Cloud”?

Cloud computing is being pushed like never before. Google with Chrome is taking a very large stance on where they think the future of computing will lie. However, many problems still lie at the core of cloud computing. One main concern is sufficient internet bandwidth and speeds. The end goal behind cloud computing is to shift your personal data from your computer’s hard drive, to a server (cloud) in the internet, and “set you free from your desktop.”READ

Featured: Chrome & Ubiquity: Changing the Way We Web.

Mozilla and Google are trying to change the way we browse the web. Google with the release of a new web browser called “Chrome”, and Mozilla Labs with mind-blowing projects like “Ubiquity.” Google’s “Chrome” browser is being released today, and the far more impressive “Ubiquity” has been available only as a prototype.READ

• Apple and AT&T Brought to Suit for Selling to Many iPhone 3G’s

A San Diego based lawsuit was filed late last week that alleges Apple, and its carrier partner AT&T, have knowingly oversold the iPhone 3G, “promising fast speeds only to see a mass of customers bog down the network with devices that themselves are flawed.”READ

• Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer Gets Excited About Upcoming Special Event

Citigroup’s 15th Annual Global Technology Conference was held yesterday. Present was Apple’s chief financial officer, Peter Oppenhemier, who more than diligently diverted attention away from new product release questions, while shifting the focus on Apple’s upcoming September 9th event.READ

• Apple On Track to Sell 10 Million iPhones by End of September

A joint project between AFB and Investor Village’s AAPL Sanity has been cataloging IMEI numbers and allocating them within a Google spreadsheet. By tracking these number, they have been able to determine with a fair amount of accuracy that Apple has built at least 5,649,000 iPhone 3Gs.READ

• Official iPod nano 4G Case Spotted On the Floor at IFA

Confirming all of the recent rumors circulating about the upcoming 4th generation iPod nano, an official third-party case has been officially spotted on the floor at IFA. “Our spicy, siesta loving friends over at Engadget Spanish just nabbed a hands-on with Hama’s “iPod nano 4G” case on the floor of IFA. The tip came in anonymously about an hour ago and sure enough, there it is, buried in a mountain of iPod accessories…” Engadget reports.READ

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