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Steve Jobs Is Perfectly Healthy, Blames Hedge Fund Manager for Health Scare Rumors

Knowing that Wall Street and a majority of Apple shareholders would be scrutinizing Steve Jobs’ physical appearance, the Apple CEO met the crowd with a sense of humor, and a hilarious first slide that read “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”


Jobs’ health has been under heavy discussion since his last public appearance at WWDC ‘08. When Jobs took the stage to unveil the iPhone 3G, the entire community was rather stricken by his thin and frail appearance. Rather than show concern for the CEO, many publications ran “shocking” headlines and attention grabbing articles speculating about Jobs’ physical condition. Rumors of recurring pancreatic cancer began to spread, other well respected journalists like Dan Lyons (Fake Steve Jobs) conjured up some insight onto how Steve looked terrible. And the icing on the cake was when Bloomberg ran accidentally ran Jobs’ obituary.

In the 24 hours leading up to the event, everyone on Wall Street was far more concerned with Steve’s physical health, than they were Apple’s new product announcements. The stock was getting hammered on disappointing news and unimpressive product releases. But at this morning’s “Let’s Rock” media event, Steve Jobs took the stage in a very energetic and excited mood. He unveiled Apple’s new products with feverish exuberance and showed firm confidence that Apple is still on track. Shareholders, investors, all of Wall Street and the entire community can feel relieved that Steve’s appearance today was comforting at the least.

CNBC’s Jim Goldman met with Steve Jobs after the presentation, and spoke with the CEO both on and off the camera, both on and off the record. Jobs blames an “unnamed hedge fund manager” for the tactless health scare rumors. Jobs went on to tell Goldman that “there is only so much I can do to reassure investors” and that he is “doing just fine” and is “healthy.”

Health permitting, it would not be out of line to expect a solid 5-10 years out of Steve Jobs as Apple’s CEO.

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