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Seinfeld and Gates Microsoft Ads Not Cancelled, Just “On Hold”

Looks like the internet jumped the gun yesterday when reports flooded out about Microsoft canceling their Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates ad campaign. New information (via Gizmodo) claims that the campaign is simply “on hold.”

get a pc

Last night we reported about Microsoft cancelling its un-focused Seinfeld and Gates ad campaign. Well, apparently the campaign is not being canceled, Microsoft is simply shifting focus to take back the “Get a PC” guy, while directly targeting Apple with some new commercials.

“From a Crispin Porter source, we’ve learned that the internet has jumped the gun and that the Microsoft Gates/Seinfeld ads have not been axed. It’s true, Microsoft apparently asked the agency to focus on the new “I’m a PC” spots. And it’s true, the agency has gotten plenty of “I don’t know what this means” response in their measured statistics of the Gates/Seinfeld ads. But no one has pulled the plug on the dynamic duo just yet,” Mark Wilson for Gizmodo reports.

Apparently there is another completed commercial featuring Seinfeld and Gates. It won’t air quite yet, but it proves that the campaign has not been canceled. It is true that they have shifted focus onto the “Get a PC” ads, but the Gates and Seinfeld ads are not going to die quite yet. They want to confuse us a little more first.

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2 Comments to “Seinfeld and Gates Microsoft Ads Not Cancelled, Just “On Hold””

dave @ September 18th, 2008 at 12:15 pm
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I don’t think the Internet jumped the gun, as most of the reports I read were quoting MS guys (not even anonymous MS guys) as having been the ones saying that the ads were being pulled.


Aviv @ September 18th, 2008 at 12:28 pm
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True, and it wouldn’t make sense for them to can it after two spots. I heard that they had more than 1 commercial done, ready to air (that won’t air anytime soon).

It’s pretty hard to pinpoint what Microsoft is going to directly go for with this next campaign, or any that follow. I also can’t wait to see if they ever try and directly sell anything (like Vista).