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Weekly Recap: Notebook Rumors, Microsoft Struggles, HD, Steve’s CEO, Patents, Lawsuits

Apple Notebook Rumors on the Rise Again

As October nears, rumors regarding Apple’s overhauled notebook line continue to emerge. Whether the minutia ends up being correct, there is no doubt that the entire line will indeed be overhauled with some major design changes.

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Microsoft Struggling to Break Ground With New Ad Campaign

While Microsoft has received a less than adequate response for their two recent commercials featuring comedian Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates, the company has attempted to regroup with with a new strategy directly taking aim at Apple’s “Get a Mac” campaign.

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Apple Sued Yet Again for Overselling iPhones

A man from Little Rock, Arkansas has started a class action lawsuit against Apple Inc., demanding $5 million in damages claiming that Apple and AT&T oversold the iPhone 3G and over-saturated the 3G network.

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Apple Working on HD TV Show Downloads for Apple TV

MacBlogz has learned that Apple is indeed working on an update that will deliver HD TV Show downloads, directly to the device. In other words, Apple will be releasing a juicy update that will let you download HD TV Shows straight to your Apple TV.

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Steve Jobs Still CEO and Heads to Europe

On September 16, 1985 Steve Jobs was ousted from the company that he founded, Apple Inc. On September 16, 1997 he returned to resurrect Apple from near extinction. This past September 16 came and went and Steve is still around. So what is he up to these days? He has recently traveled to Brussels to attend a caucus to “explore opportunities and barriers to online retailing and the European Single Market.”

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New Apple Patent Filings Reveal iPhone Enhancements

Two recent Apple patent filings have been released by the US Patent & Trademark Office that could provide improvements to the iPhone’s interface and message notification.

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Media Alert Issued Friday: Apple Replacing Electric Adapters

Apple released a Media Release on Friday afternoon explaining that some electrical adapters are faulty, putting users at risk of electrical shock. An exchange program has been set in place by the company to replace adapters for customers.

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