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Photoshop CS4 Adds Support For Current Multi-Touch Trackpads

Adobe unveiled their much anticipated Creative Suite 4 series of applications yesterday. Of note was a new and improved version of Photoshop CS4, which gained some additional Mac support, as well as some much needed improvements.

photoshop cs4

Contrary to some other applications within the CS4 suite, Photoshop actually has been improved. Even though there were some interface discrepancies at first, John Nack and Adobe have figured it all out, and Photoshop CS4 looks great.

I have been using the Photoshop CS4 beta for a few months now, and it flies. It even runs well on my little Hackintosh (although some of the filters render slowly). The big Mac-specific feature is support for the multi touch pads found on the MacBooks Air and Pro. You can pinch to zoom in and out, twist the image and also “throw” the picture across the screen: if you hold the space bar down, click and drag the image when it is zoomed in and then let go, the picture will continue to move before slowing and coming to rest. It’s very similar to the scrolling on the iPhone, Charlie Sorrel writes for

Adobe has officially added support for Apple’s existing multi-touch trackpads. Currently, the only notebooks Apple offers with this trackpad are the Macbook Pro and Macbook Air. However, several rumors point to a notebook line overhaul, which could include a special trackpad here or there. Sorrel goes onto explain how another great hardware feature, that both PC and Mac users benefit from, is Photoshop’s new GPU acceleration, which put more load onto the graphics card, leaving the processor alone.

Because these cards are made to process lots of data in parallel (all at the same time), the performance boost is quite surprising. One more thing which will keep Mac-heads happy: Command-tilde finally switches between open windows, just like all other Mac applications. It’s a small change, but it takes care of a big frustration.

Additionally, MacRumors points out that “While Apple provides basic multi-touch support in its own applications such as Safari and iPhoto, one 3rd party application called MultiClutch (beta) allows you to add custom keyboard shortcuts to multi-touch gestures on your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. “

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