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[Update] Spotted: Macbook and Macbook Pro, Share Many Design Similarites

According to a few people who have been lucky enough to see Apple’s new hardware, the next-generation Macbook and Macbook Pro are sporting very similar case designs, and overall design aesthetic, while pulling inspiration from the Macbook Air and iMac.

According to AppleInsider, the limited information provided by these people thus far has been extremely accurate. Their track record is not so lengthy, so the following information is being presented as a “rumor to supplement earlier reports of higher conviction.”

mbp small conceptThese new reports are suggesting that both models (Macbook and Macbook Pro), will look much more similar than initially expected. They will share not only aluminum enclosures, but the overall aesthetic will be very similar drawing inspiration from the Macbook Air and iMac. The two next-generation notebooks will for the first time look as if they were part of the same product family.

People who have seen the new notebooks provide a few tidbits of new information as well:
• Traditionaly I/O ports have been removed so as to try and slim the overall notebook’s footprint.
• Firewire 400 port has bene removed from the new Macbook Pro, leaving a backwards compatible FireWire 800 port.
• New Macbook Pro is missing the traditional 28-pin DVI-I (Dual Link) port, which has been replaced with a mini-DVI, just like the existing Macbook and the iMac

These new aluminum notebook rumors are not a surprise. We’ve reported about a confirmed Macbook Air-like keyboard in the upcoming Macbook Pro, and a new case design from leaked supply chain photos has also been confirmed, as well as some rumors regarding a glass trackpad that were announced.

Rumors pointing to another Special Media Event to be held by Apple on October 14th have already begun circulating. Steve Jobs and Co., would use the event as a showcase to explain and release the much anticipated notebooks have. Additionally, we’ve heard some rumblings about the iMac getting a speedbump before the holidays.

Update: iPhone Savior (primarily a satire site) provides this alleged snapshot of an upcoming Macbook Pro “in the wild.” While we can’t confirm the accuracy of this photo, it’s nice to dream isn’t it. Look at that Glass Trackpad, and that new Backlit Macbook-Air-Like keyboard. The black tapering would definitely make sense, and true inspiration from both the Macbook Air and iMac can be seen. Of course, this pic could entirely be somebody’s idea of a fun joke, so take it with a grain of salt.

mbp bunk

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3 Comments to “[Update] Spotted: Macbook and Macbook Pro, Share Many Design Similarites”

nick @ September 25th, 2008 at 5:42 pm
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it seems to me like that picture is probably a fake…. notice the trackpad is reflecting a dock, but there is none on the screen, and it would be the wrong way anyways. unless the trackpad has an interface, in this case a dock, of its own…. even so, it looks kinda rough around the edges (no clear definition of the trackpad, right bottom corner of the computer looks odd and more pixelated than the rest of the computer, etc.), and there are inconsistencies in height of the aluminum vs black coloring along the bottom of the screen that align directly with the keyboard, which may indicate that the keyboard was photoshopped on. of course, I could be totally wrong and this could be entirely legitimate, but I think not unfortunately…


Aviv @ September 25th, 2008 at 5:46 pm
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I’m with ya on this one. The reflection on the screen, from the touchpad dock is a dead give-away. Apple would never make the black around the screen so incosistent and the keyboard seems to be completely flush with the enclosure. Prob not what you’d want to see in a notebook. Additionally, the bottom right corner of the notebook looks identical to a Macbook Air image on Apple’s website. If you look close enough you can pretty much piece together image with Photoshop layers.


Aviv @ September 25th, 2008 at 8:02 pm
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I’m putting the house on FAKE!