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Google’s Android Getting Coddled Like An Infant

It’s not everyday that a company like Google unveils plans for a brand new mobile operating system like Android. But when they do, you can expect the entire industry to pay attention, and to meticulously analyze every move being made along the way.

Google has partnered with T-mobile to release the first official device running Android. The device has been dubbed the “T-Mobile G1 with Google,” and some early reviews have begun to appear. In a nutshell, it seems that the Android OS as a whole is being coddled by many. The best review I’ve read is here, mainly because the author is able to approach the device from a non-biased perspective, putting aside the open-source and linux devotion to Android, while reviewing the device in the honest light it deserves.

android Google is a major player in the push to cloud computing as well as being devote open-source advocates. Aside from my personal beliefs as to where mobile and cloud computing should lie, Google has clearly been at the forefront of innovation on this end.

No doubt Android has a lot riding on its shoulders. The entire mobile market has been demanding an alternative to the disaster that is Windows Mobile for many years now. Apple came along with the iPhone and the iPhone SDK, but it’s still not an entirely open development platform. With Android, Google is hoping that they can change everything, such as they did with Gmail and search. Google is aiming to bring open development to a mobile platform worthy of competing against Apple and the iPhone. However, Android, as the information explains, is simply not ready, and unless you “aren’t a stickler for User Interface quirks” and “don’t mind the pesky nonsense” you should love it. Oh yeah, it’s being recommended for “people who like tinkering” as well.

The problem is, Android is being coddled. As if it’s a newborn baby and the community is holding it with white gloves, moving ever so slowly being careful not to disrupt it. That’s not how technology should be reviewed, and if Apple were to release something in the shape Android is in, you can bet the reviews wouldn’t contain little elements of “hehe, it’s pretty cool” in them.

If Apple were to release an interface as inconsistent as Android’s, or with as many disruptive elements throughout the operating system, the community would lash back with furious rage and angry letters to Steve Jobs. With Android, consumers are being told that a lack of major features, or poor performance is “part of the early experience” and you should “enjoy tinkering with the different settings.” The G1 can’t render full email attachments such as PDF’s, it’ll only show you the mucked up Google version of each attachment. But this is being looked at as “part of the early experience.” Even when comparing the G1’s Youtube app, many are saying that it simply “holds its own” against the iPhone, and the “similarity is inspiring.”

Apple and the iPhone have set the bar extremely high, especially with user experience. The openness and potential for a massive developer community behind Android, may not be enough to outweigh the enormous brain-trust that is the Apple development team and the phenomenon that is the App Store. Instead of treating Google’s Android like a free trial, the industry should be pushing Google to innovate like they never have before. This way, the inevitable competition so many are craving to see in the mobile market place, will actually cultivate the most advanced and seamless end user experience anyone has ever seen. Whether it come from Apple or Google doesn’t matter, how it translates to the consumer market is what counts.

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2 Comments to “Google’s Android Getting Coddled Like An Infant”

jojo22 @ October 16th, 2008 at 4:46 pm
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I think it’s called appreciating the open source push and knowing their will be issues right away. It comes with the territory.


LarryW @ October 16th, 2008 at 4:51 pm
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Then why do we have to pay $179? Is it strictly for the hardware?