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Steve Jobs Responds to Missing FireWire Outrage via Email

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has allegedly responded to an email regarding the outrage over missing FireWire in Apple’s new 13″ Macbook. The email, which hasn’t entirely been authenticated, explains that most digital camcorders use USB 2.0, as apposed to the now absent Firewire.

Jobs has been known to respond randomly to emails. In early August an internal email he sent to the entire Mobile Me team was leaked. Typically, someone will report of Jobs responding directly to an email they sent, however most of the time it’s not entirely possible to authenticate. In some cases though, IP’s can be scanned and some back tracking can be done. In the case of this email, the alleged respondent was kind enough to snap a photo of the purported message sent by Jobs.


Many users have been furious over the ansence of FireWire in the new Macbooks. However, seeing as how Apple invented the transfer technology, and is now leaning away from it, it’s safe to question the stability of FireWire’s future.

“I am a video producer and use my MacBook on site to ingest footage taken from FireWire cameras, even occasionally hooking the camera right up to the MacBook,” says one Mac user via Apple Insider. “Well, it looks like there isn’t a FireWire port on it anymore… how the heck am I supposed to do that? I am sure I am not the only one with this concern.” — “Many of us don’t have great confidence that FireWire is here to stay on MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, or iMac, either,” another AI forum user wrote.

The exclusion of FireWire on the consumer level Macbook, could have also been play by Apple to entice consumers into the more expensive Macbook Pro. But the $800 price jump is pretty steep for most consumers. Perhaps most ironic is that Apple continues to sell the entry-level white plastic Macbook for $300 less than the baseline aluminum model, and it retains FireWire.

A recent poll on MacDailyNews shows that 34.5% of readers consider the absence of FireWire “not an issue”, 24.8% call it a deal-breaker, about 20% say it’s an “annoyance they’ll work around” and nearly 10.5% say the move by Apple is pushing them to buy a Macbook Pro. Whatever the reasons may be, Apple is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, so a move such as this isn’t necessarily shocking, as it is surprising.

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