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Apple Details This Summer’s Mobile Me Meltdown Updates

A support document recently found by Ars Technica, reveals detailed explanations regarding Mobile Me’s disastrous launch this past summer. Along with a change-log of updates and service enhancements.

Mobile MeEarlier this summer Apple launched a revamped version of their online life-suite Mobile Me. Although the services was touted as being “better than ever,” when launch day came around, servers were down and users were left without access to their data. Some customers, even lost their data. We haven’t had much detailed information about Apple’s process in getting Mobile Me to “just work.” However Ars Technica recently found a support document outlining the changes Apple made to squash Mobile Me bugs. Perhaps it clears a few things up.

The document titled “About the Late-September 2008 MobileMe update,” doesn’t give exact development details or update procedures, but it does lay out a list of changes, and some new/returning features. “Besides service-wide changes like improving localization support and member name suggestions when newbies sign up, MobileMe Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Account applications all received a healthy does of tweaks and improvements,” Ars Technica explains.

After a more than disastrous launch day, subsequent updates, free extended subscriptions, and a constant barrage of negative press, Apple setup a Mobile Me blog, and attempted to communicate directly with its customers, which was within itself a surprise. Apple is usually a very private and non-disclosing company. This support document, is also a very unanticipated move for Apple.

From Apple’s Support Document:This article provides more detailed information about some recent improvements and the resolution of known issues that Apple delivered in the Late-September 2008 update to MobileMe services.

Apple is always working to improve MobileMe. Since MobileMe is primarily a server-side, or “cloud”-based, service, the MobileMe team can make improvements and push updates to MobileMe without any action being required of MobileMe customers. Since server-side updates are a bit more innocuous than a standard software update to Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows, it’s easy not to notice that updates are occurring. Usually the only hint of these updates is that things just “work better”.

The support doc touches upon All Mobile Me Mail Services, such as Mail, Account, Calendar, Contacts, and Gallery.

While we knew that Apple was more than aware of its mistakes, and a shake up in management definitely went down. Things on the Mobile Me front have been relatively quiet lately, and for the sake of the service, that’s probably a good thing.

Read - Apple Support Document

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4 Comments to “Apple Details This Summer’s Mobile Me Meltdown Updates”

WinDOSE @ October 29th, 2008 at 6:57 pm
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Can I just understand why they stopped updating the Mobile Me blog? I’m a customer, but… what the **** is going on? My data takes like 10 seconds to load, even when I just move between pages, unlike Gmail, which takes like 3 seconds. Mobile Me is kinda slow overall…


jojo22 @ October 29th, 2008 at 7:57 pm
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Wait, are you complaining about the load times? or about the entire service overall? I’m not sure what you mean here. Do you want them to keep updating the blog?


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MacBlogz – Your one stop mac news stop » Blog Archive » Apple Details This Summer’s Mobile Me Meltdown Updates…

chloroquin @ May 26th, 2020 at 7:41 pm
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MacBlogz – Your one stop mac news stop » Blog Archive » Apple Details This Summer’s Mobile Me Meltdown Updates…