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iPhone 3G Tethering Plan (Finally) Confirmed by AT&T

AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph De La Vega has officially confirmed that AT&T is indeed planning on releasing an iPhone 3G tethering plan to its customers… “soon.”

On October 23rd MacBlogz explained that the rumored iPhone/AT&T tethering plan was actually in development, only being delayed by a lack of confidence and stability in AT&T’s cellular network. After Gizmodo initially reported of an official looking Steve Jobs email, we did some research and found out the following:

According to a colleague of mine who works with AT&T (who has been fairly accurate in the past), Apple and AT&T have been developing an iPhone tethering plan, similar to that allowed for Blackberry users. The reason we haven’t heard or seen anything about it, is because AT&T is being extremely paranoid of how the service will run on their network. “Since I’ve worked here, I’ve never seen them be so worried about legalities,” my colleague explained. Regarding the service being available to Blackberry users, he says that it’s a different situation. Blackberry users haven’t slammed AT&T’s network by the millions in one quarter, in such large rushes. “Regardless of how many billions of dollars AT&T pours into their 3G network, it hasn’t been stable enough to handle all you iPhone users,” he explained.

With today’s newest information coming directly from the head of AT&T Mobility, the once rumored iPhone 3G tethering plan has become a reality. As MobileCrunch points out, pricing is still unknown, which will definitely be a determining factor in participation of the program for many. Currently, Blackberry users can purchase a similar tethering plan for $29.99/month.

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