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iPhone Sales In Russia Not Great, 30,000 Sold in First 30 Days

Reports from Russian analysis and news website Pravda, explain that Apple’s iPhone 3G is not selling as well as many had initially hoped for. Prior to the device officially being for sale in the country, a huge black market was created for the iPhone.

iphone 3gHoping to fill seal the cracks in the iPhone black market, Apple set out on a plan for immense global expansion with the iPhone. But since the iPhone went official in Russia, sales of the device have been less than great. In the first thirty days of the device’s arrival in the country, only 30,000 units were sold. Experts and analysts in Russia don’t think the situation is going to change anytime soon, at least not within the next few months.

Going back to the black market: Prior to the iPhone 3G being officially available in Russia, the original iPhone was being shipped to the country illegally. Nearly 100,000 iPhones were unlocked and used in Russia before the iPhone 3G was officially available. “Original iPhones made the lion’s share of the amount, whereas the percentage of iPhone 3G was extremely low. The original version of Apple’s device continues to dominate the home market,” explains.

Dmitry Patrasky, an official spokesman of Russian cell carrier Euroset explains, “iPhone appeared in Russia about a year ago. I wish we could sell it back then. Now the sales meet the demand.” Although Apple was aware that nearly 1 Million iPhones were illegally unlocked, and shipped overseas, it wasn’t a situation that could magically be cleared up over night. Apple has been tirelessly working on its global positioning with the iPhone, making it available everywhere, and lowering the price to make it affordable for everyone.

Analysts explain that all three major cell-carriers (TeleSystems, VimpleCom and MegaFon), will be nearly losing money when advertising, marketing and promotional costs are factored in. One analyst claimed, “If no measures are taken, the total sales of Apple’s iPhone 3G in Russia will not exceed 50,000 pieces until the end of the year, including the New Year booming sales.”

While the less-than-stellar sales performance can be blamed on the initial availability of the device, Apple’s new efforts will more than make-up for lost revenue in the long term. A recent anonymous tip has pointed towards a new 32GB iPhone to be making its debut soon. If Apple wants to take advantage of all the possible iPhone sales and revenue it can (globally), then the iPhone family will need to have a more diverse selection of products, similar to that of the iPod. Not the colors and wide array of models, but the storage capacity and features should be spread throughout the iPhone line-up, lowest to highest, priced accordingly.

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