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300 Million Apps Downloaded, 6.4 Billion To Go

CNBC’s Jim Goldman points out some incredible information regarding the success of Apple’s App Store. Of note, users have downloaded over 100 million apps in the past 6 weeks.

In the fine print of Apple’s advertisement in the New York Times this morning, Apple quietly mentions that users have “downloaded over 300 million” applications from the App Store. On October 21st, during the companies quarterly conference call, Apple explained that it was expecting to pass 200 million app store downloads the very next day. This means that in the past six weeks, users have downloaded nearly 100 million apps.

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Images from flickr and Macworld.

Why is that stunning? Consider that on the company’s conference call on October 21, Apple disclosed that the following day, Apple expected users to download their 200 millionth app. Which means, as of today, users have downloaded a staggering 100 million apps in just the past 6 weeks.

Compare this with numbers released in July, and the numbers released in August. It’s clear that Apple’s app store has been an incredibly successful launch for the company.

Currently, the population in the United States is approximately 305,815,340 million. So, Apple could technically have sold an application to nearly every person in the US. The entire world’s population is roughly 6.7 billion. So, Apple would need roughly 6.4 billion more downloads to mathematically match every person in the world with an app store download. We know that many people around the world don’t have access to the app store, but looking at the numbers this way is still very interesting.

Apple’s App Store has proven time and time again to be a blockbuster success. When Apple CEO Steve Jobs says that Apple is five years ahead of the competition, it’s because Apple’s competitors’ are still trying to make the phone. The problem is, Apple’s iPhone is the hottest development platform around right now, and competing with it is nearly impossible. Once those development guidelines get released, we’ll really be ready to roll.

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