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Weekly Recap: Macworld 2009, iPhone Rumors and Virus Threats

Macworld 2009, iPhone, and Fake Push Notifications

As Macworld 2009 is nearing, we take a closer examination of what can be expected. Also, information has arisen that may point to Walmart carrying a $99 4GB iPhone sometime soon.

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Unaired Apple Commercials, Songbird and Mobile Websites

This week we posted a definitive list of unaired Apple commercials, compared the pros and cons of mobile optimized websites and took a look at the open-source media player Songbird.

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The Increasing Antivirus Threat

This week the web erupted with news that Apple had been recommending Anitvirus software for their Mac products. After closer inspection, it was revealed that the recommendation had been up on Apple’s website for over a year’s time. Apple has since pulled the page over the widespread confusion. Moral of the story; backup, backup, and backup again!

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Apple’s New Headphones (Finally) Start Shipping

MacBlogz sources had noted that design quality issues had delayed the release of the new Apple premium headphones, which have recently been made available. Unfortunately, the volume control is currently not compatible with the iPhone.

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Patents and Apple’s Busy Legal Team

Two Apple patents were recently released regarding infrared hover technology and liquid cooled computers. IBM is now requesting to interview Apple Execs in the Mark Papermaster case and a major slip-up revealed KPCB’s iFund database information.

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Apple’s Market Share On the Rise

Apple’s market share has seen recent growth with Macs and iPhones now holding 8.82 percent and 16.6 percent of their respective markets. The App store has now crossed over the 300 million download mark.

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