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Attack of the Mac Clones, Part Two: OpeniMac Sets Up Shop

It seems as though the ongoing Psystar battles have opened the doors for a few more bold clone attempts, as another Mac clone maker has popped up. This time, they are selling the “OpeniMac” and the “OpeniMac Pro,” with Leopard pre-installed.

openimacBack in April 2008, Psystar unveiled a line of Mac clones. After having their products on the market for more than two months, Apple finally responded by filing a lawsuit against Psystar. Through the remainder of 2008, we would here about the ongoing battle between Apple and Psystar.

First, Psystar hired a known legal firm to battle Apple’s hounds. Then, Psystar’s lawyers started hinting at bringing up antitrust issues. Next, Psystar claimed Apple was illegally destroying competition in the marketplace. Apple then moved to dismiss Psystar’s claims, and both parties agreed to enter an “Alternative Dispute Resolution.”

Through October 2008, Psystar continued to advertise and even started shipping their “Open Computer” Mac clones. After pondering the results of an unexpected outcome, Apple was finally awarded the motion to dismiss Psystar’s counterclaims. Most recently, Apple has suggested a larger conspiracy behind the entire Psystar ordeal, with which we are doing extensive research on the background of the legal parties involved.

An Engadget reader first spotted the Mac cloner, and they explain the specs.

Selling for $990 (or $1,330 with an LG 19-inch monitor), the base unit ships with 2GB memory, 320GB storage, and a 256MB ATI Radeon HD PRO. If you’ve got deep pockets, $1,710 will get you the OpeniMacPRO, a 3.0GHz machine with a 20-inch widescreen monitor and 4GB RAM.

The entire scenario has given the Argentinean Mac clone company enough gall to try and sell an “OpeniMac” with Apple’s proprietary OS X pre-installed. Not necessarily the best timing as Apple is seemingly blowing the doors off the Psystar case.

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