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WARNING: Steer Clear of Steve Jobs Headline Shockery

There’s no denying these times are tough. Apple has just announced that Macworld 2009 will be the last hurrah, and CEO Steve Jobs will not be giving his annual keynote speech. Confidence in the company however should remain strong. Their products speak for themselves, and Jobs has not officially announced his retirement, he’s just not giving his speech.

Before all of the negative speculation about Jobs’ health starts popping up all over the internet, we felt it necessary to warn everyone about “Steve Jobs Headline Shockery.”

What we all can remember from Macworld ‘08 is the ongoing, negatively harsh criticism that ensued following Steve Jobs’ keynote. Publications with ethical responsibilities were gasping for a slice of the “headline shockery” that became Steve’s health. Headlines were used as a posting board for slanderous comments, misleading titles and exaggerated stories about Apple’s CEO and how his health was deteriorating.

With today’s press release, Apple announced that Steve Jobs would not be giving his annual keynote speech. We have already begun to see a slew of speculation surrounding Steve’s health. Is he so sick he can’t show up? Is his cancer back? Some have taken it as far as speculating about his possible death before Macworld. Even for a company with the most fanatical and devoted customer base in the world, this type of speculation is unfounded.

Don’t be fooled by tricky headlines that were written with the intent to shock you and get your attention. Steve Jobs, regardless of how much he has provided modern culture, remains a canvas for new media and its relentless addiction to pageviews. The bombshell that Cupertino dropped on us today is definitely enormous. Whether you consistently follow Apple news or not, it is a big deal.

CNBC’s consistently reliable tech writer Jim Goldman has weighed in with his own analysis. Articles such as this should be credited with delivering substantial news, from direct sources as close to Apple as anyone can get. “I can tell you that sources inside the company tell me that Jobs’ decision was more about politics than his pancreas. Sources tell me that if Jobs for some reason was unable to perform any of his responsibilities as CEO because of health reasons, which would include the Macworld keynote, I should “rest assured that the board would let me know,” Goldman explains.

The bottom line? Over the next few weeks you’ll see headline after headline trying to draw you into to read the article, which will most likely be the same old “Steve Jobs is…sick, tired, retiring…” jumble found everywhere else. Tread lightly.

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3 Comments to “WARNING: Steer Clear of Steve Jobs Headline Shockery”

T B @ December 16th, 2008 at 6:04 pm
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great move , … AMAZING tactic to play. i salute you general Steve….you are getting all the attention that apple deserve… CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT MOVE..i have a feeling its going to be good


09conrad @ December 16th, 2008 at 8:03 pm
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EXTRA !!! EXTRA !!! READ ALL ABOUT IT !!! Steve Jobs has announced that Apple will now only operate on Tuesdays between 1-3pm.


LETGo @ December 17th, 2008 at 3:33 pm
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Man I hate link bait (shocking readers with headlines to get them to read awful articles). A lot of sites do that these days. Enough already. This is sound advice. Keep it up.