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iPhone Market Share on the Rise While PC Share Slips

A recent survey shows that Apple’s iPhone now holds a steady 23 percent of the smartphone market, narrowing the gap between rival handset maker RIM and is retaining consumer interest five months after the release of the 3G. Spirits seem high in the smartphone department but the same cannot be said for the PC sector, as Apple’s market share has slipped 0.5 percent over the last summer.

While RIM’s Blackberry remains the smartphone market leader, the iPhone has more than doubled its share since last June, when it stood at around 11 percent. The Blackberry maintains a commanding 41 percent of this market yet has dipped 1 percent between the months of September and December, notes CultofMac.

Customer satisfaction numbers put the iPhone in another realm completely, as 77 percent of users rank as “very satisfied” compared to the 52 percent of Blackberry owners. Rim’s touch edition Blackberry Storm owners seem even less impressed as a ChangeWave survey shows a mere 33 percent of users to be “very satisfied” with their purchase.

Electronista reports that an iSuppli study had shown a considerable shift from desktops to notebooks this summer as Apple’s global market share had slipped a half of a percent, from 3.7 to 3.2 leaving it in seventh place. The study had shown HP leading the worldwide market with an 18.8 percent share, followed by Dell with 13.9 percent and Acer with 12.2 percent.

iSuppli provided no explanation for Apple’s slipping performance other than it had been seen at the tail end of the early 2008 MacBook model lifecycle. Asus, in comparison had grown 79 percent year over year, partially due to their shift toward netbook manufacturing, such as the Aspire One. It has additionally been noted that notebooks have ousted desktops for the first time ever during a summer quarter, where 38.6 million notebook shipments had been made compared to the 38.5 million desktops.

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