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28″ iMac, Mac Pro Rumored to Start Shipping in February

PC Perspective’s Ryan Shrout has released some information regarding a few upcoming products we may see at Macworld this week. While most of the information corroborates with what we’ve heard, new specs regarding a 28″ iMac and new Mac Pros have popped up as well.

The report claims that Apple’s new iMacs should be making an appearance soon, most likely at Macworld, along with the widely anticipated Mac Minis. However, the 28″ iMac, along with supposedly new Mac Pros will begin shipping in February. Still though, Shrout believes Apple may announce these new machines at Macworld with a delayed shipping date.

Shout explains: The above five products (four iMacs and one Mac Mini) I feel nearly 100% confident are correct for tomorrow’s MacWorld Expo. There are some other parts that I have seen information on but haven’t seen creep up into the world of rumors quite yet. The most exciting of which is the possibility of a new 28″ iMac! Besides the much larger form factor and increased screen real estate, the hardware inside such a machine looks to be much different than the 20″/24″ iMacs; instead of using Intel’s Core 2 line of processors with the NVIDIA MC79 chipset these new computers are likely to use the new Intel Core i7 processor along with the Tylersburg chipset and platform.

Of the new iMacs expected, Apple Insider explains:

Instead of using the 9400M as its foundation, the system would use Intel’s X58 chipset and a processor using the Core i7 (previously codenamed Nehalem) architecture. As a result, it would not only include the four cores thought to be present in the upcoming Core 2-based iMac updates but would gain HyperThreading support that at times mimics the behavior of an eight-core system. NVIDIA at most would be used for dedicated graphics in the all-in-one computer.

Back in November, reports indicated that Intel leaks pointed to Mac Pro updates early in 2009, so the timing is naturally expected. The Mac Pro hasn’t been updated since January 2008, so some attention is due. In regards to Macworld, Our Rumor Roundup covers nearly everything that’s rumored for the week.

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2 Comments to “28″ iMac, Mac Pro Rumored to Start Shipping in February”

Neil Anderson @ January 13th, 2009 at 7:48 pm
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Sounds like that would make an awesome iMac.


Carmina @ September 11th, 2014 at 7:50 pm
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