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Macworld Rumor Aftermath: What We Know Now

Small Apple LogoThis year’s Macworld saw four core announcements during Phil Schiller’s keynote speech. Even though Apple delivered some incredible new stuff, a large majority of the rumors were inaccurate, without even a brief mention.

What Came True

Macbook Pro

Most notably, Apple unveiled the brand new 17″ Macbook Pro. It has adopted the unibody design and also brings with it some major innovations in battery life. When Apple first unveiled the new unibody notebooks back in October, early speculation pointed towards a Macworld ‘09 release. This prediction was looked at as relatively natural, and Apple even murmured a few notes pointing to a “few month” delay. As Macworld grew near, 9to5mac was first to announce anything noticeably major surrounding changes to the 17″ Macbook Pro. They specifically pointed to the embedded non-user replaceable battery, and a major jump in battery life. MacRumors also heard similar whispers, and prior to the event was able to reaffirm the legitimacy of the information. The design changes that the 17″ Macbook Pro got were obvious, but nobody new Apple would offer a $50 anti-glare option.

iTunes Loses DRM, Three Tier Pricing & Over the Air Downloads

Cnet correctly reported a good amount of information regarding Apple’s then unannounced iTunes update. Information about new tiered pricing, over-the-air downloads and massive updates to the DRM free catalog of music were all correct.

iLife & iWork

While it may have seemed easy to assume these update were coming. MacRumors found a nice piece of confirming evidence before the official announcement. Up until then, mentions of iWork (or parts of it) moving into the cloud, were all that was reported about.

Strong Cloud Computing Push

9to5mac brought the first word that this was happening. In fact, they even new the name would be and called the launch date. After we found out what might be coming, we did a little investigation ourselves and were able to completely confirm the rumor, along with some new pricing and presentation info. Specifically, we had the name iWork Online thrown at us, but it ended up just being Additionally, our sources revealed that this would be free from Apple, which also turned out to be correct, only in the form of a beta tag. Parts of the information both 9to5, as well as ourselves received about iMovie cloud updates were a little blurry, and no significant updates to a web based version of iMovie were announced.

What Did Not Come True

Mac Mini

A few weeks back, Wired introduced the notion that Apple would be updating the Mac Mini in time for a Macworld appearance, even providing some rather detailed specs from what was noted to be a trusted source at Apple. Leading up to the event several others followed suit as Apple Insider was under the impression that the low-end desktop would receive dual display support. While Ars Technica did buy into the indication that the Mac Mini would receive updates, they remained weary of the dual display support. TUAW provided there own take regarding the purported changes, yet were stifled by an opposing report. Bottom line: no updated Mac Mini appearance at Macworld 2009 and the future of the desktop remains unclear.

32GB iPhone

Back in November we received word from an unconfirmed and anonymous source that a memory bumped 32GB iPhone would be making an appearance in January. The tipster stated, “That rumored red iPhone… It’s not happening. The only iPhone news I know for certain is that it’s getting bumped to 32GB in January.” While 32GB iPhone rumors have surfaced before, information pertaining to Apple’s stockpiling of NAND flash pointed toward larger capacity devices. Macrumors was able to solidify a technical explanation of what was possible for this. It’s important to note that the tip clearly states “January” as the launch month, and not Macworld specifically, so there are still three weeks for this to happen which would make the tip accurate. Here at MacBlogz, unconfirmed sources and tips remain just that: unconfirmed.

Snow Leopard Demo

Digitimes was first to report about a possible Snow Leopard demo at Macworld. AppleInsider hammered home the notion of a Snow Leopard demo at Macworld. Both were wrong. Information first made public by MacRumors is perhaps the only solid information from a proven source regarding Snow Leopard and a tentative launch date.


Last October, claims supporting the notion that Apple’s all-in-one iMac would be getting speedbumped in time for the holiday season, proved to be incorrect. Following these reports, Digitimes, who tout a relatively accurate track record (lately), reported that updated iMacs would make a January appearance. Additionally, AppleInsider vehemently sided with a PC Perspective report that detailed expectations of a 28″ iMac. This was also inaccurate. Whether we see this in the future remains unconfirmed, but it did not show up at Macword.

Be sure to read our Rumor Roundup which was put together before the Macworld keynote.

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7 Comments to “Macworld Rumor Aftermath: What We Know Now”

nevel @ January 7th, 2009 at 7:36 pm
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28″ iMac? pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

not happening


smok and mirrors @ January 7th, 2009 at 8:06 pm
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9to5 pretty much nailed a lot of what they posted. AI seems like a pile of speculative information. Nothing from original sources.


Aviv @ January 7th, 2009 at 11:59 pm
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@smoke&mirrors: they’ve definitely been proven accurate in the past though. credit where credit is due. Right AI ?


macintosh @ February 6th, 2009 at 3:39 am
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what about the rumored mac home media server or a new mac pro and a ihone nano or a 64 and possibly 128gb ipod touch i heard about them befor the show and it never happend.


Samantha @ September 12th, 2014 at 6:59 am
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portfolios are not allowed. Even when I rlpeied with links to many other design portfolios that were available, that i downloaded for my research, their only response was always that portfolios are not allowed. It was very disheartening, i was really excited about using iBooks as a new way promoting my work, but after resubmitting a few times and getting the same canned answer, which was obviously a lie, i just gave up.


Subin @ February 18th, 2015 at 9:06 pm
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Jm dit :Agree with you that if they would release Office for IOS or Android, they would be coepletmly dead because it would remove one of the selling argument of the Windows platform. The other big element being the businesses of this world and the IT managers that need a Windows to control what their users are doing. But this is also going to change due to the BYOD trends.At home, already I do not need Office and Microsoft at all. I use mostly Chrome, Gmail and GDrive. I just moved to W8 and I am really not convinced, really difficult to move from classic to Metro in the same UI.In the office, however, I mostly use Outlook, Exel and MS PowerPoint.


Ekaterina @ March 22nd, 2015 at 3:34 pm
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You have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to cost and MSRP, in the IT cagrtoey you are lucky to have 15% profit. 50% is only found in extended warranties and wire. Apple holds the price by providing even less margins then 15%. Sales people are paid on profitability not sales volume .you can figure it out from there .Tom