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Apple and CEO Steve Jobs Entangled in Endless Speculation

After dropping a bombshell on the technology industry, Apple and CEO Steve Jobs have been entangled in endless speculation from all angles. Unfortunately, the way Apple is handling the situation is feeding into the negative spin being put on it by the media.

“As an Apple fan, I only want to see Steve come back for the better. As a human being, I could care less about Apple’s products and want to see Jobs focus on his health above all else. But as an Apple shareholder, I can’t help but feel lied to.”

jobsEarly Wednesday afternoon, Apple CEO Steve Jobs released a letter explaining that Jobs would be taking a medical leave of absence until June 2009. This comes after first reports that Jobs was withdrawing from the annual Macworld keynote, and following reports that Jobs was “fine” and only had a hormonal imbalance.

This immediately sent shareholders, investors and of course the media into a tailspin. Just as every story pertaining to Jobs and his health has ended up being rolled into a life of its own, today’s events remain the biggest and most aggressive “wake-up-call” yet.

The bottom line is that Apple has handled the situation “poorly” to say the least. Not only does it seem like they have withheld bits of the truth from investors and shareholders, but to many this could seem like an orchestrated plan (pull out of Macworld, one letter, then another, now this). Certainly Apple wouldn’t release an official statement outlining Jobs’ succession plan, but they would carefully set it into motion, which could be happening here. The only problem is Jobs’ level of control, which as it seems, he definitely wants to keep no matter the consequence.

As speculation blew up over Jobs having a recurrence of pancreatic cancer, and the hormone imbalance being a cover up for something much larger, MacRumors filtered a shiny quote from the NY Times which confidently claims that Steve Jobs does not have a recurrence of pancreatic cancer. The quote below explains that, like he persisted, Jobs is not able to absorb nutrients and food.

“Two people who are familiar with Mr. Jobs’s current medical treatment said he was not suffering from a recurrence of cancer, but a condition that was preventing his body from absorbing food. Doctors have also advised him to cut down on stress, which may be making the problem worse, these people said,” Brad Stone explains for the NY Times.

When Apple first announced that Jobs wouldn’t be giving the keynote at Macworld 2009, health concerns multiplied quickly. Gizmodo claimed, in what ended up being a very controversial post, that Jobs had in fact pulled out of Macworld due to rapidly declining health problems. CNBC’s Jim Goldman confidently discredited Gizmodo’s sources, claiming that information he was getting direclty from Apple was more accurate and should be taken with more credibility.

The video below shows Dan Lyons (Fake Steve Jobs) and a few other CNBC pundits discussing the issues, and questioning Jim Goldman as he attempts to clarify some of the confusion. The bottom line however remains that until Apple or Steve Jobs comes clean and tells everyone the truth, speculation remains just that. Either way, one side says “a source tells us” — the other side says “a source tells me” — all the while Steve Jobs is not having as successful of a recovery as we’d hope to see.

Thanx to 9to5mac for the video link.

As an Apple fan, I only want to see Steve come back for the better. As a human being, I could care less about Apple’s products and want to see Jobs focus on his health above all else. But as an Apple shareholder, I can’t help but feel lied to.

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6 Comments to “Apple and CEO Steve Jobs Entangled in Endless Speculation”

lucas @ January 14th, 2009 at 8:13 pm
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yeah, shame on Apple for trying to respect their CEOs right to a little frakking privacy. More like shame on the media. And shame on the stock analysts.The latter two groups are the ones that have turned Steve Jobs into some Tech God and have basically put out the notion that he is Apple. Not the hundreds of engineers, designers etc. It’s all Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Everyone else is just a hand puppet controlled by the all holy mind of Steve Jobs. Has to be or why else would the fact that Steve Jobs farted, much less has cancer or needs some time off to get away from the Media Whores that won’t let him be, matter to the value of the company.

Drop the value of the stock because of shitty products sure. Drop the value of the stock because the CEO took a shit, get a life.


Aviv @ January 14th, 2009 at 8:35 pm
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I am sick of living with such an uncertain feeling about what is coming or happening. I don’t think that investors, shareholders or enthusiasts deserve this. I don’t think the people that supported Apple through thick and thin deserve this.

The people that own the stock for the right reasons, believe in the vision and understand the progressive pace of technology are being robbed due to media insanity and headline blitz. It’s a shame and as a shareholder, I personally feel lied to by Apple.

They have a responsibility, an obligation… Not particularly about Jobs’ health, but in general to look out for the shareholders and investors. Once that is compromised, an entirely new tone begins to manifest.


cake baker @ January 14th, 2009 at 8:38 pm
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What’s pathetic is how people are trying to defend their fucking “sources” – COME ON FOLKS ! The man’s sick… Who gives a flying FUCK about your sources ???


Aviv @ January 14th, 2009 at 9:33 pm
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@cake baker: I’m not going to say I agree with any “I told you so” nonsense… But the convergence of new media an old media has really reached a pinnacle when something like this happens.

Gawker Media is Gawker Media… Gizmodo is Gizmodo… CNBC on the other hand, is a different outlet, a mainstream news source. And as that, they have a responsibility to report unbiased information without being personally affected by the outcome.

After all, Jobs would give Jim Goldman exclusive interviews above all else after large scale media events, it was hard to believe his sources were simply PR reps. At least I would hope not.


smith @ January 14th, 2009 at 9:18 pm
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I’m with ya. I feel more than lied to. I feel like new media is lied to. CNBC is lied to, and this furthers Apple’s HATRED of Wall Street and stupid, idiot pundits like Jim Goldman. I agree though, during those times he definitely “seemed” credible. Too bad it was all BS.


jared @ January 14th, 2009 at 9:28 pm
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I just refuse to believe he’s done. Refuse. I’d really like to hope he comes back.