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Weekly Recap: Record Earnings, Jobs’ Health and Legal Threats

Steve Jobs Health Issues Remain a Focus

Health issues surrounding Apple CEO Steve Jobs are beginning to fade away as excitement begins to brew regarding some new releases from Apple. While Jobs’ health is becoming less of a main topic, the industry still speculates endlessly about the situation.

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Apple Posts Another Record Breaking Quarter

Even in a troublesome economy with slowing iPhone sales, Apple has managed to increase revenue by moving millions of iPods. The stock price has moderately bounced back as Wall Street may begin to understand that Apple’s core fundamentals are in line.

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Apple’s Stance, Hardware and AT&T

Apple this week made it clear that they aren’t around to make cheap products. Those waiting for a cheap netbook PC, or an iPhone nano may never be appeased. While we agree with Apple’s stance on those markets, certain features still missing from the current iPhone are getting some attention, and a quiet little update boosted the entry-level Macbook.

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One Lawsuit Settled as a Bigger Lawsuit Brews

A four year old lawsuit regarding iPod nanos easily scratching has been settled with Apple ponying up nearly $25 million in fees. While that lawsuit gets put to rest, perhaps one of the biggest legal battles in some time may be brewing between Apple and Palm.

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