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Historically Inaccurate Analyst Speculates On the iMac’s Future

Analyst Shaw Wu, who has been fairly inaccurate in the past, both with Apple product information, and speculation about their future plans, now claims to have sources which he is citing in a recent report about the possibility of an iMac refresh over the next few weeks.

imacSpecifically, Wu claims that over the next few weeks Apple’s all-in-one iMac machines will be getting updates. He claims that the new machines will be utilizing both dual-core and quad-core configurations. However, this is incredibly alarming given the recent reports about Intel’s future roadmap. Nearly all reports pointing to a release date for the chip this machine would use point to late 2009.

Additionally, previous reports about the possibility of a 28″ iMac were spread as nearly “100% confident” by some, however we have not heard word of this again.

It’s important to note that Wu’s track record, as wiki’d by MacRumors, is of poor consistency. To us, his reports sound more like a summary of information that is already out there, not new information from solid sources.

In his note to clients today, Wu now claims to be hearing from his sources “that both types of processors will likely be used,” which would “makes sense as this helps Apple create better tiers within the iMac family, utilizing quad-core for the high-end, and dual-core for mid-range and low-end.” – “In our experience, when Apple sends an advisory to its channel partners of limited availability and inventory of existing models are drawn down, it is highly likely that a product refresh is within a few weeks,” he said.

Wu rounds out his notes with speculation about Apple’s Mac Pro, “As Apple mentioned briefly on its earnings call, Mac Pro sales have become less important and less attractive in this tough economic environment,” he told clients. “However, we think a refresh utilizing upcoming Intel ‘Nehalem’ 8-core processors (and with two enabling a 16-core) would bring it better price performance and help jump start this highly profitable segment.”

This information should be taken with a grain of salt. Just by his wording, Wu’s thought process in explaining what may be coming is shaky at best. Of note, just because an iMac refresh may be en route, this would not influence the release date of Apple’s Mac Pro, especially not this late into a refresh cycle.

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2 Comments to “Historically Inaccurate Analyst Speculates On the iMac’s Future”

lucas @ February 2nd, 2009 at 7:54 pm
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yeah, i’m going to trust a guy with a record of being wrong who went through all the rumor sites, ripped off folks wish lists etc and posts it as his genius thoughts.


Aviv @ February 2nd, 2009 at 7:56 pm
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@lucas: Seriously, and other sites and publications STILL cite Wu’s sources as actual information. It’s baffling to me.