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Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak Rejoins the Workforce

Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, has announced he will be returning back to work after his hiatus following the closing of pet project Wheels of Zeus in 2006.

No, not for Apple…This time he will be joining the ranks of 3 year old Fusion-io, a start-up company out of Utah that tweaks computers to let them tap vast amounts of storage at exceptionally quick rates. While Wozniak is widely known as one of Silicon Valley’s most creative engineers, his new position as Fusion-io’s ‘lead scientist’ will have him working with large server computers and storage systems for 300 customers including investor Dell as well as Hewlett-Packard, I.B.M. and Hill Air Force Base in northern Utah.

According to Mr. Wozniak, who was previously on Fusion-io’s advisory board, “I have a pretty quiet life, and I like to watch technology evolve. In this case, I like the people and the product, and said I would like some greater involvement.”

According to the New York Times, “(Fusion-io) relies on high speed flash memory, commonly used to store data on an iPod or digital camera. Fusion-io takes many flash chips and packs them together on a module that is a slightly larger than a deck of cards. The module slides into certain slots inside servers. That gives the main computing chip quick access to data stored on the flash chips. In traditional systems, servers must hunt for data on separate storage systems linked to the processor by a slower connection.” Technology analyst, Joseph Unsworth, believes companies with large databases, including manufacturers, financial service firms and search engines like Google would benefit from Fusion-io’s technology, cutting out the storage maker, leading to more efficient hardware design, saving money and time.

A while back Wozniak shed some light on his thoughts regarding Apple’s future. Enjoy the video below.

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