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Briefly: Analyst Speculates Over AT&T Plans, Mobile Me Large File Sharing

Apple has made an announcement on their Mobile Me news page that explains a new large file sharing feature via iDisk. Speculation over the future of AT&T’s iPhone rate plans continues, only seems a bit misguided.

A video tutorial explaining how to use the new service can be seen here. “The process is a simple matter of going to iDisk on, selecting the file you want to share, and clicking the Share File button.”

mobile me files

We’re pleased to announce that you can now use your MobileMe iDisk to share files with others simply and easily. Instead of attaching a large document to an email and hoping it’s not too big to be received, you can place the file in your iDisk and use the new Share File command in the iDisk web app. It lets you send your friends, family, or colleagues a link they can click to download the file directly. You can password protect the link if you choose to and even set how long it will be available.

Analyst Shaw Wu Speculates Over AT&T Tiered Rate Plans

Shaw Wu, who’s “notes to clients” sound more like a study of different opinions from websites on the internet, has apparently released another speculative suggestion pertaining to the future of AT&T’s iPhone rate plans.

Primarily he claims that Apple has held off on the release of a new iPhone because AT&T cannot solidify new rate plans. As we mentioned back in November alongside some of the first iPhone tethering information, AT&T has definitely been considering some changes to its rate plans. However, Wu’s analysis that these considerations are holding up the debut of a new iPhone is preposterous.

“Our sources indicate what’s holding up new iPhones are not technology issues but rather fine-tuning of its go-to-market strategy,” Wu explains. “Due to fear of lower profits, [AT&T] is more open to developing tiered data plans that fit more in line with today’s environment.” — “Apple, along with AT&T and its carrier partners, is in the midst of figuring out how to position a second and potentially even a third iPhone model that would be complimentary and minimize cannibalization with the current 3G iPhone.”

Wu believes that regardless of Apple COO Tim Cook’s statements that Apple is not making a cheaper iPhone, they indeed are working on such a device. Interestingly, images claiming to be a new unreleased iPhone began floating around the web yesterday. The images depict a similar sized device, only the exterior finish is a black matte, not shiny glossy black.

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One Comment to “Briefly: Analyst Speculates Over AT&T Plans, Mobile Me Large File Sharing”

Christina Sciubba @ February 16th, 2009 at 7:02 am
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How much money does AT&T want to make? They would make soooo much more if they lowered their monthly rates because more people would buy the iPhone for a $10 or $15 monthly rate, rather than the ridiculous $30 they charge now. I know as soon as that happens I will be purchasing an iPhone!