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Weekly Recap: App Store, Retail, iPhone and Legal

App Store and Applications

Since its debut, Apple’s App Store has been met with mixed emotions by the development community, who now have some interesting ideas for improvements to the applications marketplace that is now over 20,000 strong. A new application currently available in the Japanese App Store called “ServersMan@iPhone” turns your iPhone/iPod touch into a full blown web-server and the developer of a popular artillery application has seen windfall success.

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iPhone Speculation and Rumors

Apple’s iPhone is expected to make its debut in China on May 19th through China Unicom, which if successful could put the device into the hands of millions of potential users. An RBC analyst still believes that Apple will roll out a $99 entry level iPhone by this summer, and a leaked iPhone photo suggests that a revised model will have a slightly textured matte black finish.

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Brick-and-Mortar Retail

Apple is expected to restructure their retail stores to put more emphasis on marketing conumer education and software. Additionally, Microsoft has announced plans of their own to begin opening the doors to retail locations.

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Legal and TidBits

As the Psystar saga continues, a new German Mac clone maker has emerged onto the scene. With a looming legal battle on the horizon, Palm claims to have no issues with Apple’s patents. Former Apple enterprise VP, Al Shipp, plans to re-enter the workforce as the CEO of 3VR. One analyst speculates over tiered AT&T rate plans and Apple announces a new large file sharing feature to MobileMe that utilizes iDisk. Additionally, a recent discovery in OS X Leopard’s system files reveals Apple’s intentions to let users customize their own four-finger swipe gestures.

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