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Leaked Mac Mini Image Emerges, Shows Five USB Ports

A leaked image first posted to the MacRumors forums depicts what may be the next Mac mini. The image shows what is allegedly the back side of the new Mac mini, with enough clarity to identify what specific ports have been included.

Image courtesy of MacRumors

In our coverage of what to expect from Apple over the next few months, we explained that the Mac mini was rumored to be making an appearance around March.

A move to SATA for both optical and hard drives has been rumored. As well as that the Mac mini will not only have a Mini DisplayPort, but also a Mini DVI connector which is strange given CEO Steve Jobs’ statements that Apple was making the Mini DisplayPort standard across all of Apple’s computers. In regards to a chipset, the NVIDIA 9400M is what’s currently being used in the unibody macbooks, and if Apple opts for it in the Mac mini, the device may get a few more high-end features than initially expected. However, we don’t see Apple loading up professional class features on the Mac mini, especially with the desktop class needing some attention. Things like dual-display support may entirely be left for high-end machines like the Mac Pro.

The most recent information claims the Mac mini will be launched in March around the time of Cebit. The information is strange however because it claims the Mac mini will be using Intel’s Atom processor, which up until now has been targeted at low-powered netbooks. While it may turn out accurate, as of now this remains slightly cloudy.

MacRumors has specified that the original person who leaked the image claims the following specs:

• Intel Core 2 Duo
• 2GHz
• 3MB L2 cache
• 2GB RAM DDR III, 1066MHz
• Super Drive is SATA

A few questions remain as to why the machine would need five USB ports, and why Firewire 800 would be included when Apple nixed it from the Macbooks. But, in typical leaked spyshot fashion, the image leaves us a tad skeptical. If only because it aligns so correctly with rumors that seemed a bit outlandish to begin with. Still, MacRumors has done an incredible job filtering through nonsense over the years, so it would be safe to assume the legitimacy of this image.

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