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Apple Stands Firm On CEO Steve Jobs’ Return In June

Apple’s annual shareholder meeting was relatively quiet. Aside from the by-the-book motives of some parties who grilled Apple execs about Steve Jobs, no journalists or reporters were allowed to directly relay information to the press, and as usual Apple did not release a transcript.

jobsMacworld notes that one of the first questions asked at Wednesday’s annual shareholder meeting was directly centered around Apple CEO Steve Jobs, his health and his return to Apple. Jobs is currently on a medical leave from Apple until June, and the last we heard was that the SEC was launching an official investigation into the situation.

Even though some sites are sensationalizing Wednesday’s shareholder meeting by saying that it was “dominated by politics”, it was not. This is standard affair and every year Apple’s board advises its shareholders to steer clear of these potentially fruitless affairs. Why these other websites would attempt to create a seemingly turbulent environment remains unknown. However, because of the unfortunate visibility shed, their reports may get echoed.

As we made available in Apple’s proxy report before the meeting, and outlined here, shareholders were voting on certain proposals that could potentially change or alter the way Apple handles some of its fiscal reports, and even shed light onto trade-secret partnerships. However, on rather known guidance from Apple’s board, shareholders voted against every single one of these proposals. As far as the business side of things during the meeting, they were standard affair.

“A shareholder asked whether Apple’s board of directors had kept investors in the dark about the status of Jobs’ health and inquired about a succession plan. Board member Arthur Levinson, who is also chairman and CEO of biotech firm Genentech, replied that the board disclaims information that it deems important and proper, and that it talks regularly about a succession plan.

Otherwise, the meeting served largely to have executives assure shareholders that the company was on the right track. Filling in for Jobs—and donning a Jobs-like pair of blue jeans and black (though collared, not turtleneck) shirt—chief operating officer Tim Cook cited strong Mac, iPod, and iPhone sales in the last year and hailed the App Store as “absolutely the envy of the industry.” He also reassured shareholders that he was “very confident of our product pipeline,” Jonathan Seff explains for Macworld.

Another question asking for clarification about Apple’s decision to pull out of Macworld was answered by Apple COO Tim Cook and chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer. When asked whether Apple would ever reconsider the move, Cook explained that they have “very fond memories” of the Macworld Expo, however reiterated the company’s stance on utilizing their retail chain of 250 stores to create “many, many Macworlds each week.”

Notably, the audience sang Steve Jobs “Happy Birthday” in lieu of his 54th birthday on Tuesday, and tim Cook promised that Jobs would get the message.

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2 Comments to “Apple Stands Firm On CEO Steve Jobs’ Return In June”

cook @ February 25th, 2009 at 4:31 pm
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it’s always by the book at these things. the only notable news item was that Jobs wasn’t going to be there. big whoop


jojo22 @ February 25th, 2009 at 5:26 pm
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I don’t get what all the fuss is about. Who even cares if Jobs is there or not. Everything Apple says is pre-meditated anyways.