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Macbook Air Hinge Failures Not Covered by Apple’s Warranty (VIDEO)

A large number of first generation Macbook Air owners are claiming that the hinges on their notebooks are failing. Unfortunately, early responses from Apple claim these issues are not covered under the company’s warranty.

The issues seem fairly widespread with Macbook Air owners explaining what is going wrong both in Apple’s Discussion Threads, as well as the MacRumors forums.

air hinge
Image via flickr user landung2008

“I have recently noticed my 3 month old MacBook Air has 1/2″ to 1″ “play” or “slop” in the hinge. In other words, the screen will move 1/2″ to 1″ with little or no resistance. The hinge does not seem to have any adjustment or an easily fixed remedy,” one frustrated owner explains on the MacRumors forums. “…my apple air has a defect with the hinge. could apple please change your policy to accept hinge as warrant on apple air models,” another owner explains in Apple’s threads.

Both videos shown here address the issues, which Apple says are not covered under warranty. This makes for an unfortunate situation given Apple and CEO Steve Jobs’ level of pride when unveiling “the skinniest notebook in the world.” The level of attention to detail Apple claimed went into the notebook’s hardware design and manufacturing was staggering. They painted a picture of the Macbook Air as if it were chiseled by da Vinci himself. Now that the issue seems moderately spread, we’re curious to see how Apple responds, if at all.

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One Comment to “Macbook Air Hinge Failures Not Covered by Apple’s Warranty (VIDEO)”

Maxim @ May 19th, 2009 at 11:05 am
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Hi Guys!
I just found the solution to our Macbook Air hinges problem!!!
This guy tells you how to fix them for cheap!