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New Time Capsule, Airport Extremes Being Readied by Apple

Speculation about Apple refreshing both its Time Capsule backup device, and the Airport Extreme wireless base station has been kicked into high gear. Citing rather sharp discounts at the Apple Store and resellers, both devices may get some attention sooner rather than later.
Notably, Amazon’s sharp discounts were what initially spurred 9to5mac to start pondering the [...]

Leaked Spyshot of Mac mini Packaging

A leaked image depicting the back of some new Mac mini packaging has been making the rounds originally appearing over at and MacRumors.
The image consistently depicts previously circulating rumors, however the image only shows the rear-facing side of the packaging. While some believe the image to stille be a fake, the evidence is [...]

Possible Apple Desktop Event Slated for March 24

A slew of recent unconfirmed sources have revealed that Apple plans to hold a desktop event on March 24.
World of Apple claims to have been informed of the upcoming event and believe that it will be similar to Apple’s notebook event held last October. My Apple Guide appears to have obtained similar information from [...]

Apple Hiring Sr. Web UI Designer and Video Editor Product Designer

Apple is looking to hire a Senior Web User Interface Designer to help the company focus on further innovating its online store front, as well as a Video Editor Product Designer who can primarily focus on their pro apps.
The company has posted the available positions on numerous job boards such as 37 Signals’ and Smashing [...]

Weekly Recap: Leaked Mac Mini, New Safari and Shareholders

Rumors and Speculation
Kicking off the week was a leaked Mac mini video in response to claims that last week’s image was fake. A few screenshots made the rounds from Apple’s upcoming Mac OS X update Snow Leopard, and genius Marc Andreessen shed some light on the possibility of an Apple touch tablet.
READ → [...]

Macbook Air Hinge Failures Not Covered by Apple’s Warranty (VIDEO)

A large number of first generation Macbook Air owners are claiming that the hinges on their notebooks are failing. Unfortunately, early responses from Apple claim these issues are not covered under the company’s warranty.
The issues seem fairly widespread with Macbook Air owners explaining what is going wrong both in Apple’s Discussion Threads, as well [...]

Blackberry Ad Takes Aim at Apple

9to5 Mac points us toward a recent Blackberry ad which depicts a not-so-subtle metaphor of a blackberry ripping through an Apple.

Wow, did they think of that all on their own? It may not get any more unoriginal than this.

Apple Stands Firm On CEO Steve Jobs’ Return In June

Apple’s annual shareholder meeting was relatively quiet. Aside from the by-the-book motives of some parties who grilled Apple execs about Steve Jobs, no journalists or reporters were allowed to directly relay information to the press, and as usual Apple did not release a transcript.
Macworld notes that one of the first questions asked at Wednesday’s annual [...]

Apple Shareholders Re-elect Board, Vote Proposals Down [U]

Even though many shareholders and investors felt downright lied to throughout the ongoing Steve Jobs health issues, the company’s shareholders have re-elected the same board of directors and voted down proposals they felt unnecessary.
Acting on relatively firm confidence and guidance from the board itself, Apple’s board of directors was re-elected including CEO Steve Jobs, Former [...]

Annual Apple Shareholders Meeting, Proxy Statement Made Available

Ahead of Apple’s 2009 Annual Meeting of Shareholders, we have made available the official proxy statement, as well as the company’s annual 10k report.
Questions about Apple CEO Steve Jobs are to be expected, and above all else, expect Apple to tiptoe around the subject. Ever since it was reported that the SEC was launching an [...]

iPhone Negotiations With China Unicom Have Reached Possible Agreement

Recent information sheds light on negotiations between Apple and Chinese telecom provider China Unicom, and the possibility that both sides have reached an amicable agreement.

In early February we first reported about the ongoing talks between Apple and China Unicom. As we previously explained, even though feverish reports came in claiming that all talks had broken [...]

Safari 4: Three Steps Forward, One Step Back

With the new Safari 4 release, Apple aims to increase its web browser market share while innovating new features and cool new enhancements to what it calls “the fastest browser on the planet.” Indeed the new browser is speedy, but with every step forward Apple takes towards open-standards and accelerating its javascript engine, the more [...]

Apple Releases Safari 4 Public Beta for Mac and Windows Users

Apple has announced that a new version of Safari is available for download. Powered by the “Nitro” engine, Apple claims this version of Safari should render web-pages and run JavaScript 4.2 times faster than its predecessor, Safari 3.
Alongside the new version of Safari, Apple has visually detailed some of the bigger more substantial upgrades or [...]

Apple Breaks the Layout Again With Latest Macbook Pro Web Ads

Apple has been pushing the boundary with internet advertising recently. First with the iPod touch advertisement that seemed to “break” Yahoo Games’ homepage, and the latest being a new 17″ Macbook Pro “Green” series ad that once again, stretches beyond the visual site layout.
The first video is the new 17″ Macbook Pro commercial. As we [...]

Screenshots of Latest Snow Leopard Build Released

A host of screenshots have recently emerged depicting a few minor interface changes and feature enhancements of the latest build of Apple’s much anticipated Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.
A brief mention of Snow Leopard at WWDC 2008 by Steve Jobs gave the public a mere glimpse into what can be expected, yet developers had [...]

Apple Sr. Product Manager Talks About iPhone Gaming and App Store has posted an interesting interview with Eric Jue, Apple’s senior product manager for iPhone worldwide product marketing. The interview touches upon Apple’s intentions with gaming and the possibility of an Xbox-live style games community.
The interview takes place in London, and among some of the most interesting responses given by Jue are in direct comparison [...]

Apple Tablet: Marc Andreessen and Charlie Rose Think It’s Inevitable (VIDEO)

During an incredibly interesting interview between Charlie Rose and serial entrepreneur Marc Andreessen, both of them touch upon the subject of a “scaled up” iPhone. Charlie Rose thinks it’s an inevitable idea, while Andreessen explains that he “would be the first to buy one.”
Specifically around the forty minute mark, the interview shifts towards Amazon’s business [...]

Leaked Video: ‘Mac Mini 2009 Edition’

Following up yesterday’s leaked 2009 Mac mini image, the original source has now provided what looks like a fairly convincing video of the rumored unit.

The image below was the first spyshot to circulate the web, which was originally posted to the Macrumors Forums. Interestingly, some raw investigation work done by a 9to5mac reader, who [...]

Weekly Recap: Apps and App Stores, Hardware and TidBits

Applications and App Stores
After previously running a story about questionable business ethics between two competing applications developers, a third developer has stepped forward to further expose immoral behavior lurking within the marketplace. A host of smartphone manufacturers announced Apple-esque applications marketplaces of their own this week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Another [...]

Apple Hardware Updates Shifting Towards Annual Refreshes

Over at ComputerWorld, Seth Weintraub (author of 9to5mac), postulates that Apple is steadily shifting their product release cycles to an annual schedule. The information makes sense, and correlates with actual industry moves being made by Apple, which we have been tracking closely over the past year.
Based on the extended period of time it has taken [...]