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Keeping Tabs on the Rumor Mill

iPhone Firmware 3.0 and Future Multi-Core iPhones

ZDnet brings word of a possible four-core iPhone being developed by Apple. The information explains that while Apple’s current iPhone does well with gaming, a move into multi-core processing coupled with iPhone firmware 3.0 could bring dramatically increased power.
As MacRumors points out, Imagination Technologies is announcing a new version of its its graphics chip IP. [...]

Macworld Rumor Aftermath: What We Know Now

This year’s Macworld saw four core announcements during Phil Schiller’s keynote speech. Even though Apple delivered some incredible new stuff, a large majority of the rumors were inaccurate, without even a brief mention.

What Came True
Macbook Pro
Most notably, Apple unveiled the brand new 17″ Macbook Pro. It has adopted the unibody design and also brings with [...]

28″ iMac, Mac Pro Rumored to Start Shipping in February

PC Perspective’s Ryan Shrout has released some information regarding a few upcoming products we may see at Macworld this week. While most of the information corroborates with what we’ve heard, new specs regarding a 28″ iMac and new Mac Pros have popped up as well.
The report claims that Apple’s new iMacs should be making an [...]

17″ Macbook Pro Getting Non-Replacable Battery, Going Unibody at Macworld?

9to5mac claims to have sources who are familiar with Apple’s upcoming design decisions with the unreleased 17″ Macbook Pro. Some interesting tidbits of information are swirling specifically around the battery.

As we explain in our Macworld Rumor Roundup, the 17″ Macbook Pro was not released during Apple’s notebook media event in mid-October. There has been some [...]

Rumor Roundup: Apple’s Final Macworld

This year’s Macworld Conference and Expo will be Apple’s last year in attendance. Even though CEO Steve Jobs won’t be giving the keynote, excitement is still going strong, and there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of rumors either. (Here’s a recap that we’ll continuously update prior to the event)

New iMacs
READ → Back in October [...]

Apple’s New Cloud Offerings May Be (Mostly) Free

Backing up Seth Weintruab’s latest report from Computerworld regarding Apple’s soon-to-be-released web-based offerings, we have been able to confirm the upcoming push, as well as some new information about pricing.
Apple is expected to unveil a new suite of web-based applications that play off of iWork. They will primarily be extensions of their desktop counterparts not [...]

Apple to Announce Web-based iWork at Macworld?

Since the release of MobileMe’s Mail and Address Book applications, it has become more apparent that Apple is making a general shift to web-based applications. The folks at 9to5mac claim to have gotten word that Apple is preparing to announce a web-based version of the upcoming iWork suite of applications at the upcoming [...]

Quanta Expected to Manufacture Apple Netbooks in 2009

According to a report from the Taiwanese government, Quanta will be manufacturing netbooks for Apple in 2009, among most other well established PC vendors.
The report comes straight from website, and describes current netbooks sales, as well as their expected manufacturing pace for 2009.
Quanta vice chairman and president CC Leung said his company wants [...]

Larger Apple Touch Device Rumored to Launch Fall ‘09

TechCrunch brings the latest word of an Apple touch tablet device rumored to be released around the fall of 2009. Even though rumors of an Apple tablet, or multi-touch netbook have been around for a long time, TechCrunch explains that their sources have actually seen the rumored device.
TechCrunch explains that they’ve received the same or [...]

Apple to Introduce Quad-Core 17 inch MacBook Pro?

As we are nearing the final days to Macworld 2009, Intel has introduced 5 new mobile CPUs including a low-cost quad-core processor that some believe may see its way into a 17 inch MacBook Pro in time for the event.

The introduction of the 15 inch unibody MacBook Pro at last October’s notebook event, [...]

Apple Working on Home Media Server for Sharing Music, Movies and Photos

9to5mac explains that Apple is working on a new media home server that will compliment the need to share music, movies, photos and more via an internet connection. Additionally, they explain files could be accessed remotely through the web as well.
The rumored device is similar to a device developed by HP called the HP MediaSmart [...]

Case Company “Vaja” Lists iPhone nano Section in Website

Yet another company has snuck an iPhone nano section into their website. No legit images or renders are offered, and the “iPhone nano” link simply directs you to a strange signup page.
This company goes by the name of “Vaja” and as MacRumors intelligently points out, the iPhone nano link deceptively redirects you to a sing [...]

iPhone nano Evidence Builds Up, XSKN Posts Entire Case Listings

MacRumors points out that third party case manufacturer XSKN has posted a complete listing of cases they are selling pointing to the release of an iPhone nano.

This of course comes as mounting evidence that Apple may release an iPhone nano very soon. This correlates with some leaked case renderings, as well as some findings in [...]

More Evidence of iPhone Nano Leaked Through Case Manufacturer

Remember those third party case renderings specifically tailored for an upcoming iPhone Nano we showed you? More evidence has come in suggesting that the iPhone nano may soon be a reality.

XSKN is a third party iPhone case manufacturer that has laid out a section of its website for an upcoming “iPhone nano. As MacRumors explains, [...]

Apple’s Phil Schiller to Demo Snow Leopard at Macworld?

The guardian explains that Apple will be unveiling Mac OS X Snow Leopard at the upcoming Macworld Expo in January. While it may be true that that new OS is ready to be demo’d, it most likely won’t be shipping until a few months after the expo.
The article delves into why Apple would be pushing [...]

Leaked Walmart Memo Details iPhone Pilot Launch Program

Engadget has received an internal memo detailing Walmart’s upcoming plans with the iPhone. The memo confirms our thoughts that Walmart will not be selling a $99 4GB iPhone.
As you can see in the memo, although it’s a tad blurry (aren’t they always), there is no mention of a $99 iPhone anywhere. The rumor that quickly [...]

New Mac Mini to be Announced on January 5th, 2009, Kick-Off Macworld? brings word that Apple will be upgrading the Mac mini this January at Macworld 2009. They have been contacted by a corporate employee who wishes to remain anonymous.
This rumor leads us into the final weeks leading up to Macworld 2009. Wired explains that this will most likely not be Apple’s big product launch during [...]

Leaked iPhone Nano Case Renderings Come In, As Promised [U]

MacRumors has first published some expected photos that have been released by iDealsChina. While the unsteadily reliable site promised us these photos last week, they have only been released today. This information does correlate with information we’ve heard throughout the year pertaining to the likelihood of a new, smaller iPhone.

iDealsChina claims to have access to [...]

Palm to Unleash New User Friendly OS and Hardware at CES [U] explains that Palm is expected to unveil a new operating system as well as new hardware at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas come January.
Roughly ten years ago Palm was a highly active and extremely innovative company. With the Palm Pilot, and later on with its Treo smartphones, Palm helped shape the [...]

Briefly: Mac OS X 10.5.6 to be Released as Early as Friday? [U]

Apple has recently given developers an additional build of Mac OS X 10.5.6 (9G55), which shows no signs of new issues and addresses the few that remain.

Macrumors notes that Apple has begun seeding this build “internally outside of the usual developer circles,” which may reveal it to be the final version before going public. [...]

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